Vital Sleep Anti Snoring Device Find The Truth Here

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VitalSleep ReviewThe Vital Sleep Anti Snoring oral appliance will definitely change your life. I have been a snorer all my life and I was really curios to try this device because there are not so many products like it on the market. The adjustability feature was really something I wanted to try for a long time. I bought my Vital Sleep from the company’s website as they offered me a 30 day money back guarantee and a year of free replacements, obviously something you do not want to miss. Shipping was fast and I used my Vitalsleep the same day I received it. Remember that before using it you have to get it customized to your denture following the boil and bite method. Just pour your mouthpiece into boiling water, take it out and bite firmly for a few seconds and then drop it in cold water. You can repeat the process at least three times, use a mirror if it is your first time. You have plenty of videos at the company’s site that will show you how to get it custom fit and how to use the little hex tool to make gradual adjustments to loosen it up or tighten it up. It feels really comfortable because it is not bulky as other devices I have tried and it is really soft. It is BPA free and latex free as well. It can be used by mouth breathers but denture wearers should ask their dentist first. I personally believe this is a very complete mouthpiece, perfect for those looking for effective and simple snoring solutions.

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